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NOVEMBER 22, 2023

Dear Reader,

In my last blog, I shared with you about new moon manifestations, intentions, and prayer. Now, if you stopped reading that post because of all the scripture I shared, or your disbelief, then I'm sorry to say, you missed out on some valuable information. BUT ... if you proceeded and invested the five minutes to read that entire blog, then you get to see what I was so excited about sharing with you this time!

Looking carefully at the picture above, you may notice I wrote a letter to the universe (which I sometimes refer to as Source/God/Infinite Intelligence). It was from LAST YEAR, October 2022, that I was "wishing" to manifest an open spot to Dr. Joe Dispenza's Advanced Retreat in Florida. I have been "wishing" to go to one of his retreats for the past two years. After my mom passed away in May 2021, I have been angry and resentful towards the organizations and groups of people who manifested the world pandemic. I blamed them for my mom's death. I blamed the doctors, medical personel in general. I blamed the politicians and television stations and every organization who had a say in ludicrous lockdowns, silly social distancing, and meaningless masks. I know exactly HOW they did it, created the pandemic, when they did it, where they did it, .... I just don't know WHY. But I blamed them as greedy and controlling and as murderers.

Now, I know I was wrong in judging and putting all these organizations, businesses, and people into one category, so forgive me. It was a very traumatic experience finding my mom dead in the hospital while a doctor sitting outside her ICU room sat KNOWING her soul had already left.... days earlier. Anyways, anger and resentment are very harmful emotions to harbor. They are vibrations that cause dis-ease in the body, and having held onto these emotions for over two years, my blood, my cells, my body... was feeling the effects. I was creating dis-ease, but I could not release the suffering. And although I didn't go to the doctor for a diagnosis, I just knew. I didn't need a person in a white coat telling me what I "had". I knew if I did, then THAT medical person could very well make my sickness worse. I was already seething with anger towards them. But the fact is, when doctors give attention and opinion and emotion to dis-ease, it adds energy to it and could possibly create it to be a bigger problem.

I know... I know how negative thoughts impact the body. And I tried many many modalities, engaged in various experiences to heal the trauma, heal the loss and grief of my mom's death, but I just couldn't let go of the anger and resentment. So ... I wanted to go to Dr. Joe's retreat. I needed something more powerful than my own thoughts and environement that were keeping me stuck and sick. And I saw the results he was having at these retreats. So I used the energy of the New Moon last year to set intentions to go to Florida for the retreat. Setting intentions are part of the process of materializing something.

What I have learned from reading stories of professional athletes and their coaches has helped my manifestations materialize. For example, in reading about worldwide intention experiments from other researchers, I was led to NFL player Rocky Bleier. He used mental rehearsals (also known as mental simulations) to succeed in healing injuries he sustained after serving time in Vietnam. Although the doctors told Bleier he would never walk again after taking a bullet to the thigh and a hand grenade to the lower right leg, the Vietnam Vet made a full recovery and helped his team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, become SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS!

** HOW????? How did HE go against the odds of doctors telling him he would never walk again, let alone play football??? What did he do??

I wondered and asked the universe "HOW?" What did HE, Rocky Bleier, know??? And I began receiving inspired thoughts from the universe. I began collecting puzzle pieces of thoughts and wrote them down. First came "Vietnam War" ... then propaganda (the power of suggestion) + mental rehearsals + simulations + Law of Attraction + Laws of Physics + Bible scripture + Hollywood + The Wizard of Oz... and so on.

The mind is so powerful. It helps us to materialize that which we play out in our mind. Whether sickness or health or material objects, we can bring into life our thoughts and desires. Even Paramahansa Yogananda mentioned this in his book, "Autobiography of a Yogi".

So as you can see, I set intentions last year written as if it came true, or already happened and feeling happy and grateful about it. I wrote a letter to the universe, to god, to Source giving thanks for getting me in to see Dr. Joe in Florida. I wanted his help in healing the trauma, in healing my body, in releasing negative emotions that were causing me health issues. I also wanted to share my story with him and give him the two books I wrote to let him know... . I wanted him to know that I am someone who fully believes in his work. I believe as HE does, as he said in his video course that GERMS DONT MAKE US SICK... OUR THOUGHTS AND ACTIONS DO!

My thoughts were making me sick. And every time I told the story of finding my mom dead in the hospital, of being "knocked out of my body" as I entered her ICU room and saw her there, the color of her skin, her eyes rolled back, that smell... , I kept looping that traumatic event into my present and the future. And since that day, May 23rd, 2021, that moment I saw her, feeling knocked out of my body, there has been a part of me missing. The daughter who walked into the hospital on Sunday, May 23rd, 2021 to see her mom had been shattered. And I kept her away by repeating it... until last week... November 12, 2023, when I went to Florida to work with Dr. Joe Dispenza at his weeklong Advanced Retreat... to heal the anger and grief that had been eating away at me.

I spent eight exciting nights in Florida... and in a round about way... got to share my story with him.

Did I manifest what I desired? Well, not fully how I wanted. But I did get exactly what I wrote... I met Dr. Joe in Florida, it was an exciting week, I did write him a short letter to share my story and gifted him my two books (a tale of love, forgiveness, and the implications of universal laws~ The Heroines Journey) for him to see just how easily it is to manifest sickness even, if we are not conscious of our thoughts and words.

I'm still reflecting on the fact that I actually manifested going to Florida to see Dr Joe last week when I had no idea he'd be there THIS year in 2023. My desire last year was to attend his retreat. What I really wanted though...and what I received last week... well... that will have to wait. I'll tell more next time! I'm still letting this all sink in and I'm still filling my heart with so much gratitude.

I'll give you one little hint though. When I opened my eyes after our last walking meditation, I saw an Angel with a white hat standing before me smiling! Sobbing, I threw my arms around her and hugged her so tight yelling..... "I'm back!!!"

Until next time... contemplate how thoughts are "things" and what Wayne Dyer must have learned in order to write his best seller, "Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life".

Much love... and forgiveness...

Rev. Gail Lynn

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2 comentarios

Beautiful! 🤍🙏🏼 So happy for you!! Can’t wait to read more!

Me gusta
26 nov 2023
Contestando a

Thank you Jessica!

Discovering how I am creating all these things in my life is both exciting AND frustrating. The more we learn, the more we are responsible for! Now to create more BLISS!!! (and forgive others, as Jesus stated, and Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed, and ALL the great Masters.) 😍

Me gusta
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