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Dear Momma...

October 15th, 2021

Dear Momma...

I miss you. There are many days that I want to talk to you, days when I want to pick up my phone, call you, and tell you about my exciting day. There are also days I want to call you to ask you for advice. I loved how you would listen whenever I was sad and needed an ear as I cried. I always felt better after talking to you. This past week, I needed you, but you weren't there. I became angry that I couldn't talk to you. I was angry at the people who caused this world situation, this "pandemic". I wanted to look them in the eye and tell them how awful they are for doing this. Instead... I took a road trip.

I went to New York City to visit my friend Elena. I needed a few days away to clear my head. The grief comes and goes, but coupled with other life events, I became overwhelmed. One morning Elena had to go help her elderly father, so I got the bright idea to drive myself into Manhatten. You know how much I used to love the big city? Well, I don't care for it so much anymore, but I needed to go to the Pierre Hotel where this whole "pandemic" nonsense began. I don't know why other than I was hoping to run into one of those 130 people who sat around a conference room table practicing this whole viral pandemic thing. I was hoping to run into that Fauci man or Gates. I really want to give them a piece of my mind. I want to show them this beautiful picture of you and tell them about your beautiful bows that you make for all your Christmas presents. I wanted to tell them about how you made winter hats for all my students. I wanted to look them in the eye... see their face when I told them I despised them for their ignorance and cold heart, for planning this pandemic and killing so many elderly people.

Momma, there on the other side, you can see it all, right? You see how they manifested this all, right? Just like how you manifested a trip to Pittsburgh hospital in December, and how you manifested the red scooter you wanted for so long. Remember how I had you focusing on the scooter, imagining riding in it down the streets of Jamestown, the wind blowing your hair, us going for lunch? Remember?? Remember all the pictures I hung up in your apartment so that you focused on the vision of the scooter?? By visioning it in your mind over and over again, by practicing and pretending you already had it, you materialized it right into your life. THAT is the Law of Attraction. And that is exactly what those people did in Manhatten. World leaders, highly intelligent people from the medical field, John Hopkins University, UPMC Hospitals, the media/news stations, the World Economic Forum, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation,... they practiced this pandemic, visioned it, manifested it, materialized it, just like you manifested your scooter, only they caused so much heartache, so many deaths...

How could they momma?? They can't be that ignorant that they didn't know that they created this, right???? They know about the Law of Attraction, right??? It's not rocket science. And even if it were, many of THEM are scientists, several are retired military officers who KNOW about the power of suggestion, know about the power of the mind, and propaganda. They know what they did.. Just like the doctor in ICU in Pittsburgh said to me that day we were there, "Yeah, mind over matter works." ~ I could have slapped that man momma. I wanted to slap his smirk off his face.

How can these people be so heartless momma??? And even more confusing, how do so many people NOT know this was all planned out??? How do they not KNOW this momma???

My heart is sad when I think of the state of our World. My heart is sad, angry, and all things in between when I think of you being put on a ventilator 4 times. FOUR.... I wonder, how does that paramedic live with himself?? How do these doctors sleep at night? Why aren't they using the power of suggestion for GOOD... like I did with you that night in Pittsburgh? And Tom... you saw that one too right?? Will they ever get it??? Will they ever have remorse for all the people they hurt??

I wish it were all an accident and that those people sitting in the board room that day in Manhatten, planning "Event 201", had no idea. I hope some of them are clueless to the Law of Attraction. At least then, it wouldn't feel so ... cold... ruthless...

But then again... that wouldn't bring you back.

I'm sorry for all that they put you through momma. I'm sorry those people hurt you. I want to forgive them. I know I'm suppose to ... but I'm just so angry. I'm sad. I'm at a loss.

They say hurting people hurt others... is that why?? Is that why they created this pandemic momma? Are THEY hurting? Help me forgive them momma... help me forgive them. Help me to help humanity get through this big fat pandemic manifestation that was practiced in Manhatten in 2019 and manifested.

I love you momma. I miss you... and I love you more.

Always, Your Sunshine

Dear Reader,

For whatever harm or suffering, I or my ancestors, may have caused you and your ancestors, I'm sorry. Please forgive us. Forgive us our mistakes. Thank you and I love you.

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