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dead bodies smell

With my momma's passing into the spirit world on Sunday, May 23rd, 2021, I have needed time to grieve in my own way. I took a break from family and friends as I needed time to heal the sickness I felt at the disturbance of what I found on Tuesday May 25th in the ICU room at Brooks Memorial Hospital. A cold body, pale, yellowish-blue, with eyes rolled back and flaccid limbs was tell tale signs that no doctor or nurse could overlook, yet did. It was the smell though that almost brought me to my knees. Dead bodies smell. Perhaps being surrounded by that smell, it became normal and the medical staff in the ICU didn't know my momma was gone, dead. I'd like to think it was that, rather than the idea that they knew, and continued treating a dead body anyways.

But then again, I know they did know, but were afraid of doing something outside of the "protocol" for fear of losing their job and their license (as many doctors admittedly have).

I don't feel sorry for those doctors losing their ability to practice medicine. I don't feel sorry for the many who will lose their job in the coming years. The medical field has not been completely honest with the people for some time. Being taught "placebo" in medical school, it's not rocket science that they couldn't have taught their patients in a single visit. But then, kickbacks like paradise destinations wouldn't be so readily available or frequent. What happened to the morals and ethics and hypocratic oath? And what about the Nuremberg Code? Are Americans even aware of that? Ignorance is no excuse when research and facts have been presented for the past 18 months. Putting one's head in the sand in these trying times is contributing to the death of our own loved ones, let alone giving up our freedom that America fought so hard for.

That day I made a ruckus and finally got to see my momma, Tuesday, May 25th, the smell of death lingered beyond the door that slid open to momma's bed in the ICU room. The smell of death lingered for days in my memory. Just as the doctor's comments linger in my mind, when I angrily spat out at him, "my mother isn't in that room" and he replied, "I know." And the poor nurse with the heartfelt apology, "I'm sorry, but she came in that way" only confirms what I already knew... they knew she was gone.

How the hell do you ethically continue pumping Xanax and Zoloft into a dead body that arrives at the hospital with a body temperature of 93.0*?? Or how about Prednisone or Levophed or Vancomycin or Cefepime or Remdesivir.... why drug my dead momma???

I don't feel sorry for the hospitals that will eventually be a thing of the past. I feel sorry for those families who have lost loved ones this past year and a half due to a fake pandemic. I feel sorry for the families who have lost loved ones at the hands of those acting like gods, those individuals who did not have the courage to walk away from corrupt organizations.

Perhaps America and all the countries around the world here on our planet needed this big event to wake up. But what does that even mean, "wake-up"? Wake up to what, some may ask. It's like me asking their god who has known all things and works all things for glory, "What was the point of this pandemic?" I keep asking the sky, the "gods", the "GOD" that Christians speak of and what keeps coming back to me is this:


Is America and the 2 BILLION Christians ready to step into FAITH as theirJesus taught? Can the billions of people who have worshiped the false gods (medical institutions) really walk the teachings of their holy one as he stated in the New Living Translation,

"Then Jesus said to the Roman officer, "Go back home. Because you believed, it has happened." And the young servant was healed that same hour. (Matthew 8:13)

So dear friend, because you believed in a pandemic, it has happened. It was done unto you as you believed.

Whether you call yourself a believer, a Christian, or a mere person of prayer, if you had only followed the teachings of the sacred book, Go home and believe in GOOD/GOD, would you not be healed of your fear of some false god, false virus, false pandemic??? Do you get it yet???

The sin of the world, the mistake once again, is worshipping false gods, the false/corrupt doctors, priests, scientists , directors, leaders. And my momma, Frances "Frannie" Louise (Brumagin) Mongitore, is witnessing it all now from the other side of life, witnessing the fall of mankind... and on the way, the rise of a new earth.

May no man or woman ever have to walk into the smell of death of their loved one ever again.

In loving memory,

Frances (Frannie) Louise Mongitore October 22, 1946 - May 23, 2021

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