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Be Your Own Heroine

March 16, 2024

Dear Reader,

Bring to mind a picture of your favorite superhero. Give him/her the look. You know the one, where you scan from head to toe and back up again. And then contemplate what's so great about that superhero. Next, bring to mind a few others. Batgirl? Wonderwoman? (Ok fellas, so maybe your superhero isn't a woman and you're stuck on the male, that's okay.) Maybe Captain Marvel or Doctor Strange is your favorite superhero,... but could you picture a hero/heroine having ALL the qualities combined of every superhero ever created?? What would he/she look like? What would that hero/heroine be able to do? Would that individual have any limits?

Consider for a moment now these words, "omnipresent", "omnipotent" and "Omniscient". Imagine the qualities of these and having a taste of what it would be like to embody these traits. Let's take the word "omnipresent" for starters, and its meaning: 1. present everywhere simultaneously. 2. Being present in all places AT THE SAME TIME. WOW! Could you fathom what that would be like? What would you do with a skill like that? Would you be a true hero/heroine and help others? Or would you succumb to greed and control and use it for selfish gains?

What about the quality, "omnipotent"; having the UNLIMITED, universal power, authority, and force...the potency of being an all-powerful force... like "THE GREAT AND POWERFUL OZ".

Okay, just kidding on the Oz thing... but just imagine power like that! Just think of all the good you could do!! Would you do good? ? ? - but what if your idea of good isn't the same as someone else? Where would you draw the line? Did Oz use it for good? And what about the Wicked Witch of the west? Did she have these qualities of being omnipresent and omnipotent with her crystal ball and her broomstick? Was SHE a hero/heroine?

And what about being "omniscient"... the ability to have total knowledge of everything? Would you WANT to know everything? I mean, can you imagine what your mind chatter would be like to know what everyone was thinking and doing and experiencing all the time, as well as having all the answers and everyone coming to you for solutions to their problems?


What if....

What if EVERY person had these qualities of omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient? What if everyone was like God (Spirit) in that way, doing good, being good, loving everyone, always healthy, always happy, all knowing... would you eventually get bored? There would never be a problem to solve if everyone always knew everything, had unlimited power to create health and/or wealth, and could BE anywhere and everywhere AND HAPPY. There'd be no need for transportation, that's for sure! Or doctors!! We could just wiggle our nose (like Bewitched) and be healthy or get what we wanted or we could think a thought of a location and time travel there in an instant. Would that eventually get boring?

Sometimes I think we are meant to have these qualities. I was taught, as a child, that there is a God that has these qualities. But then I was also taught as a child that we have God within us and just as the man Jesus said, "I and my Father are One", I believe that Jesus was reiterating that God was within us, and that is how we are ONE with God... right? I mean, that makes sense then as stories of Jesus taught that we could heal ourself... and do "even great works"... right? And so that being said, ARE WE, or COULD WE become omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient? Are there teachings that show us how? If so, where? Are these teachings in scripture? or Movies? or in "clubs" or schools or books? Where are these teachers?

I think Dorothy and Glenda (The Wizard of Oz) have been teachers for me for some time now, for at least the past ten years anyways. Dorothy took quite the journey, eh? She stood by her friends the whole way, determined not to leave them behind, and together they faced demon monkeys and witches, until they finally reached the emerald city and the Great Oz (symbolic of... ) who was supposed to help Dorothy get home. But remember... Oz was a fake. He was just a little man. Dorothy became her OWN heroine! Remember?? Glenda, who was her teacher/mentor along the journey told her, "You had the power all along Dorothy! You just had to discover it for yourself." Ohhhh so many metaphors!

So dear reader, remember, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink. You have to figure this out at sometime and so too does your family members and your friends. We all eventually come to learn the laws of the universe, just like we all learn eventually about the power we have to create. But the question is, do you have it in you to be a superhero? I think so! I believe in you! Why not start with being the hero/heroine of your own life first? Can you heal thyself as the great hero Jesus taught? AND then help others to heal also? Can you help end all wars and poverty and crime as a REAL superhero would? Are YOU superhero material? Come on... be the hero of your own life! Start right where you are! What would a hero do for you today? (Think of it and do it for yourself!!) Be your own hero/heroine and then help others do the same! Just remember, there's a price to pay if you become greedy. There's a great LAW that governs the world and the use of these special qualities. Kings of old had forgotten and learned the hard way the significance of The Golden Rule. All heroes and heroines though apply that rule in their life. I hope you are learning to also!

Come on reader... you've got this!! Let's do this! Let's create a better world!!!

Until next time, keep practicing those hero/heroine powers... AND the Golden Rule!

Rev. Gail Lynn

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