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At the University Library...

September 13, 2022

Dear Reader,

I think I checked out over a dozen books, journals, and movies from the university library for my research. They had several floors and special rooms for me to view and I loved spending my days there. With the quiet summer days without students present, I had the place (mostly) to myself, albeit Brian, who was an elderly man working on his own research.

A friend of mine who works at the university assisted me in getting reacclimated to the library. I had spent time in that library twenty years ago as a student, but having a staff member give me another tour and join me in gathering some material made the transition back much easier. Even greater though, was sharing my research with a fellow researcher. Although his background as a scientist was chemistry, it was still fun sharing the things I discovered. I was practicing bridging the science to spirituality gap with him.

The whole scientific process, which begins with a QUESTION and a hypothesis, then follows up with the acquiring of information, analyzing data, classifying and testing the hypothesis, has been an easy task for me, even though I don't have all those alphabet letters saying I am a "scientist" or an "expert". I enjoy the challenge but more importantly has been the drive to find answers to questions... like all good scientists do... though no one was funding my research or paying me to lean towards one solution versus another. I simply have been collecting data, comparing my findings from history with the present day, and then drawing some conclusions for me to test out... or share with others to test out.

It's not rocket science, nor do you have to be a scientist to figure out what really happened... you just have to care... and want to know the truth... for the truth shall set you free. Without the truth, with lies and corruption, you simply get more karma for you and your family to face.

"Why" did a so-called pandemic happen? How does karma play a role? Were the doctors experimenting on my mom?

"They are taking me places and doing things to me" mom told me. "Get me out of here", she cried.

There's nothing worse than not being able to help a loved one. But today, I see I AM helping her... and I'm helping all those who participated in experimenting on her.... For "as you give, so shall you receive".

If you participated in the 2019-2023 planning, preparing, initiating of the genocide, experimentation, you should make amends with the people you harmed. Seek forgiveness. Repent.

Every nation on Earth knows the Golden Rule. "Do unto others, AS you would have them do unto you." For it shall be done, as you sow, so shall you reap.

Until next time, see the big puzzle come together.

With love,

Gail lynn

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