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Are Band-Aids "Healers" ?

October 31, 2022

Dear Reader,

Are Band-Aids "healers"?? Do Band_Aids HEAL you??? OR are they just space holders while the body heals itself? And what about a cast that is put on a broken bone? Does THAT heal you or does it hold space while the body/ bone heals itself? What about a pill? Do pills/medicine heal you?? Or do they hold space for the body to heal itself? And what about people, like energy healers, doctors, therapists of any kind.... do other people heal you?? Or does the body heal itself???

Over the years, I've called myself a spiritual healer, energy healer, a teacher, and a way-shower and all the while, I KNOW, the body heals itself. I do not DO the healing. The body heals itself. A doctor does not heal you, nor does the remedy he suggests. The body, mind, and soul do the healing for our body. The MIND is powerful! The BODY is intelligent!

In my years of researching how to heal my own body from illness, I have read a lot of books. I have tried many means, many modalities, to try and recover from all sorts of illness over the years and the most significant piece of information that I can share to help others find their path to healing, is this:


EVERYTHING that ANYONE needs in order to heal, already resides within that individual. It's not a bandaid, a cast, a brace, a pill, an injection, or even chemotherapy that does the healing. And I'm going to go one step further and offer you one more great big piece of information to help you in this grand awakening happening on our planet... surgeries don't heal us either. They assist the body in healing itself! The body heals itself! Do you get it yet? (Psssst, yes, even within world pandemics and epidemics, the BODY HEALS ITSELF!)

You've heard of placebo testing in science and medicine, yes? You've heard of the "placebo effect" when it comes to pills. But the majority of people have not heard about placebo surgeries that have been done. AND, most people do not understand the degree in which "mind over matter" works, even when it comes to large scale events. The body heals itself! Your body will do WHATSOEVER your mind is told to do! (The body CAN heal itself... but it wont if it's told NOT to, or that it CANT.)

People who call themself a healer could also be referred to as a teacher or wayshower, given they have had experiences and successful applications of "the way". In a book referred to as the Holy Bible, a man by the name of Jesus was known in ancient times to be a healer. He went around teaching people "the way". He said, "I am the way...." as in "FOLLOW ME"... as in "COPY what I am doing".

In the book of John, Jesus said, "I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. If you really know me, you will know my Father as well." Although this is a quote from the Bible, there are metaphysical aspects, physics even, to this statement. The Bible is riddled with metaphors and parables. They are there for you to discover!

Just like healing has been here for you to discover... just as Jesus said, "By your faith you are healed"... many people are still wondering how to bridge the gap between faith and action. And it is quite simple, it's the greatest commandment... which again, could be found in the Bible, but it is also a metaphysical concept with ties to physics, science. So, no matter what camp you belong to, whether science or religion, it is in both. And when you bridge science and religion... join them... what you get is spirituality.

The statement, "the Kingdom of God is within", along with the chakras, the mind, the heart, the H20, the breath, the alohaaaaaa.... ho'oponopono... are all important components to understanding your own healing capabilities. YOU are your greatest healer! Take back your power!

WIth love and gratitude to all my teachers and wayshowers over the years, in gratitude for all the opportunities illness provided me to heal myself, I give thanks!

Until next time,

Gail Lynn

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