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A wish fulfilled...

With Ram Dass... opened my heart in paradise

Dear Reader,

As I begin this new blog, I have been contemplating where to begin. I have started, then stopped. I have restarted and edited then deleted. Then I spent an hour in a dialogue with my inner child who is still healing and wrote furiously. That writing was deleted too. And then my friend Mary, who always seems to know how to get me back on track reminded me of something that I teach all the time... words carry vibration. And with that... I began again with the knowing that I want to INSPIRE YOU to create your own dreams coming true! I want to shine light on the path for YOU to consider what your own desires are and then move into manifesting them into reality. My desire is to help others realize dreams, to help you have Wishes Fulfilled!

So with that in mind, I want this to be a place of sharing wishes coming true! I want to share my stories of wishes fulfilled, but I also will be inviting others to share THEIR story on getting a wish fulfilled as well!!

As the first chapter in my book begins, "We all have a story to tell whether we whisper or yell." (author unknown)

So here is a story....

THIS... is me with author and spiritual teacher Ram Dass November 2018 on a beach in. Maui.

It was just the previous year in 2017 that I began thinking about his life and his teachings. And then last year I came across information on his retreats in Maui. I entered a contest to win a trip to his retreat here in Maui called, "Open Your Heart in Paradise". I thought, yes, that's what I need, to REALLY open my heart in this place of paradise, in Maui! AND... I really wanted to meet this man, Ram Dass.

I felt a connection with him through his writings, but also through the life and work of Wayne Dyer. Two years ago on my first trip to Maui, I felt like Wayne was walking with me everywhere I went. I felt Wayne leading me to people and places and experiences. At that time in 2017, my main focus, my wish, however was on healing myself from Lyme disease. Keeping focused on healing that summer, I attained that goal and have since come back to Maui time and again to continue to love this island as it has loved me. AND of course... my next wish... was to meet Ram Dass.

I thought about all the ways I have manifested things into my life over the past several years and so I tried implementing some of those things in order to win this contest and get to Ram's retreat last November. What I really wanted though was to simply hold his hand, tell him thank you for his teachings, and for being a light to the world. I wanted to tell him I love him. You see, I too had a stroke (mini stroke actually) and so I know the frustration that comes with not being able to always express what you need or want. I know that feeling of wanting and needing love and not being able to express it. So... I took some time last fall in meditation over a period of several weeks and visualized me holding Ram's hand and telling him I love him. I visualized giving him a gift and seeing him smile. It made me feel really really happy to be able to tell him I love him. Sometimes, we all just need that, to have someone look us in the eye and really mean it and say, "I love you."

Well... sadly, I didn't win the contest... but when a friend asked me if I wanted to come visit and stay in Maui a few weeks in November I jumped at the chance. And shortly after my arrival in November, I found out that Ram has a favorite spot to swim on Maui and so I went there one day in HOPES that I would run into him. And sure enough... there he was... with a large group of people leading the way down the walkway to the sandy beach. A large crowd gathered around him and so of course I found myself curious and began walking over towards this group. Suddenly I remembered I wanted to gift him something... so I ran back to my beach bag and grabbed a crystal out of my bag. I found my raw rose quartz wrapped in a silver chain with a fairy attached to the end. Rose quartz symbolizes love. I ran back to the crowd with this crystal in hand and peered between people in hopes to get a better look. Camera in hand, I began taking photos of him. I couldn't believe I was standing in front of Ram Dass. I had a wish to meet him and attend his retreat... and sad as I was that I wasn't a winner.... here I was feeling like a winner!

A woman saw me and motioned me closer. She reached out her hand and said, "hand me your camera; you go stand next to Ram and I'll take your picture." I was elated. Strong emotions started welling up inside and tears filled my eyes. At the time, I didn't understand why I was so emotional. As I drew closer to him he looked up at me and smiled a great big Beautiful smile! He reached out his hand to me and as I grabbed his hands my heart felt like it opened up... "Open Your Heart In Paradise" was the name of his retreat I wanted to attend... that I didn't win... but here I was getting exactly what I wished for... my heart opening up in paradise... with Ram Dass! <3

I handed him my rose quartz crystal and said, "Ram, I love you so much! I want you to have this gift!"

He smiled, received my gift, held onto the rose quartz crystal for a minute, looked at it with genuine love, and then said, "I love you too" as he handed the gift BACK to me! OPEN YOUR HEART IN PARADISE <3 My heart filled with gratitude, with love. I walked away with my rose quartz in hand tears trickling down my cheek.

I sat down on my beach towel in awe. How did this happen?? How did the Universe conspire to make my wish come true?? I looked up then and saw the parade of Ram's people heading into the ocean. Of course I quickly ran down to join in the parade. Swimming with Ram and his extended family here on Maui, chanting and offering love to everyone that glanced my way while we all swam together offering each other love, smiles, laughter, healing, song, and play.... I still shake my head in wonder!

Love gives... with no expectation of having anything in return... with no rhyme or reason... love just ... is.

My wish to meet Ram Dass was fulfilled..AND I went to .... "open your heart in paradise" in this little sacred meeting on the beach in Maui.

May you all believe... wishes do come true!

With love,


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