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Part of my past involves being married to a carpenter! And I've been married to more than one carpenter over the course of my soul's evolution! ;) What that has taught me is the invaluable ease in which we can create when we have the right vision AND the right kind of tools! A good carpenter needs both vision AND tools and the more he, OR SHE knows how to use these together, the better! Even back in the ancient days, a good carpenter was sought after... AND .... made a good teacher!

As I contemplate my own life, I look at what I have created over the course of the past 50 years! I am a carpenter... and a creator! Over those years, there are some things that I have created in my life that I am proud of.... like my children for example. I have three beautiful children that I love and adore! They each are part of my creation! I have also "created" other things in my life. In 1991, I created a home with a carpenter! Together, we used tools to build a house for our family. Hammer and nails, screw guns and drills, with our own hands we built it. BUT.... before we built it, we had a vision in our mind. We talked about what we wanted it to look like and then we put in on paper. We had a VISION and then saw it through to completion! What a house! It became our home for our children for 24 years! After our children grew up and moved away they began their own lives using the tools we taught them over the years. And we, the carpenter and I... went our own way with our own tools to "create" again.

MY life took me on a journey to learn what "creation" really meant. And... some journey it has been! I've discovered some great spiritual truths about the work of "a carpenter" and "creation" , and I've applied those insights to my life in many different ways. As the story of an ancient text says, Jesus spoke in parables. I believe he did so to weed out the people who were really ready to know the spiritual truths, for those who were ready to live a life of integrity, morality and love... for people who understood spiritual laws of the Universe and wanted to make our World a better place.

As I began to apply those spiritual truths to my life, I began to see WE... ALL of us, are creators. We create our lives, the good and the bad. And as I pay attention to humanity, I have noticed that many people create unknowingly because they are unaware of the workings of the Universe. I used to be in that same place...unknowingly creating situations in my life. I CREATED illness.... and once I understood that.... once I recognized it and admitted it... and took responsibility for it..... I was able to UN-create it!! or better yet... I was able create a different, BETTER, situation in my life!

Looking back... I created Lyme disease in my body....


BUT the Universe helped me to see that... and with that... I took responsibility and CREATED WELLNESS!!!


I found the tools needed; I learned how to USE the tools, and then I went to work practicing using them! I refined my skills as a carpenter and have created .... I HAVE CREATED... A NEW LIFE!

I have CREATED greater health!!

I have CREATED greater abundance!!

I have CREATED greater BLISS!!!!

I created a better life, had my WISHES FULFILLED... and live healthy and happy now!!! AND....

It is my WISH... to help others do the same!! I give you tools to be a carpenter! AND...I teach you how to build!

I am a carpenter!! I am a CREATOR! I AM a teacher and a LIFE COACH!

I AM.... Wishes Fulfilled Life Coaching <3

Wishes Fulfilled Life Coaching

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