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Rev. Gail Lynn

Helping others become superheroes too!

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Inspirational Speaker 
Ordained Spiritual Minister
Transpersonal Hypnotherapist
Spiritual Healer/Teacher


Upcoming Events: 
Sept. 21, 2023 Sound Bath Immersion @ Inner Balance Day Spa, Dunkirk, NY  7-8pm 
Sept. 28, 2023 Sound Bath Immersion @ Fellowships of the Spirit, Cassadaga, NY 7-8pm
Oct. 18th, 2023 : Natural/Spiritual Laws 
Seminar (see below) 
Oct. 20-22, 2023, Take Back Your Life Retreat Weekend,
Wishes Fulfilled Retreat, Lily Dale, NY

 *Call (716)969-2620 for details on events or registration
October 28th, 2023 Healing Sound Bath, The Recharge Room; Bath, New York
December 12th, 2023 Relax with Sound Bath Immersion@Inner Balance Day Spa 

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Updated Info for Retreat or for questions call 716-969-2620

The Heroine's Journey; a tale of love, forgiveness, and the implications of universal laws, is a detailed account of one woman's awakening that aligned her with the path of healing and self empowerment. As you make connections with your own life story, you will see how YOU can become empowered to      TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE!

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Natural Laws workshop 2023JPEG.jpg

When: October 18th @7-9pm

 Where:  Universal Unity of Spirit in Cassadaga, NY

Donation: $33  


*Come learn tools to help you daily apply the principles of Natural/Spiritual/Universal Laws to lead a healthier happier life. In UNITY and Alignment, life works better!    JOIN US!


For Questions: email Rev. Gail Lynn @                     

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a pocket guide to ancient healing

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Hawaii has a healing practice called Ho'oponopono. In it's simplest form, you can incorporate this into your daily prayer or morning routine for healing.

Check out my book and see for yourself the power it had for bringing physical, mental, and emotional healing into my life! Read my book, "The Heroine's Journey; a tale of love, forgiveness, and the implications of universal laws to see how this helped with my healing Lyme disease. Are you ready to "HEAL THYSELF" as Jesus and other master teachers have taught?   


Coming Next with my use of Ho'oponopono...

WHAT I am preparing to share with you next...  is how Ho'oponopono....and my use of this healing prayer with my mother, Frances Louise Brumagin,... helped her heal "covid" in her "covid designated" ICU room in Pittsburgh in December 2021.  Also, I'll share with you WHY she got a "covid positive" diagnosis AND my findings on the ORIGIN of the pandemic.

*If ho'oponopono helped me heal Lyme disease, and my mom heal "covid", then what else is possible? And how? WHY? 


PO Box 242 Lily Dale, New York 14752

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